Construction and Infrastructure

Malcolm Mintz

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Two of the physical aspects of village life are the focus of this chapter: infrastructure and construction. In Section 1, 'Infrastructure', is a discussion of roads and trails, where they existed, what role they played, and why they were fairly inconsequential in the overall transportation system of the region. Springs and wells forms the second part of this section, where they were found, how they were protected, and what were the alternatives when these proved unreliable. Subsequent sections relate to 'Construction'.

In Section 2 is a presentation of all the available tools, from saws, lathes and planes, through hammers, mallets and nails, to pulleys and wedges. Section 3 in on wood, looking at the hardwood trees that provided posts for the houses and beams for the frames. A discussion of shelters follows in Section 4, examining those which were temporary, used on the hunt or in the field, for defense and for religious purposes, and those which were more permanent, such as markets and hostels.

The house is the topic of Section 5, its main divisions, the specifics of its entry steps and ladders, its doors and windows and the accompanying enclosures found also on the property. In Section 6 begins the details of house construction, the planning and measurement, the preparation of the wood, the building of the frame, the roof, the walls and the floor, and how all this was clad with local grasses, palm fronds and bamboo, and held together with ties, lashes and pegs. Concluding the section is a discussion of quality and finish, followed by the possibilities of ruin and disrepair where the effects of climate, abetted by indifference, bring about collapse of the building.
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Title of host publicationIntersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
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EditorsCarolyn Brewer
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Jan 2019

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NameIntersections: Gender, and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific

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